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Shred Guitar Shenanegins: SHEER VELOCITY (New Album!) 

Andee's self-indulgent, six-string-strangling alter ego Sheer Velocity has a new album over at the Bandcamp page, called VIII VI MMXXI. It features the impeccible bass work of frequent collaborator Adam James and a cheeky Madonna cover!

Andee's First Show w/BLONDIE 

Andee's first show with NYC legends BLONDIE was June 16th in Battery Park, New York. Keep an eye on Blondie's UK tour with Garbage in November!

Here's a clip from that first show:

Andee Is On Patreon! 

Check the manifesto video for info on what's on offer for "Humble Benefactors", "Esteemed Facilitators" and "Godlike Enablers":

New Album -Wandering Into The Bullseye- coming February 2020 

Wandering Into The Bullseye,. the first in a trilogy of new Black Sugar Transmission albums to be released across 2020, is due in February.

There will be a special offer extended to those who pre-order the album trilogy, which will come in download and CD formats. There will also be a Patreon tie-in with additional content. Keep an eye on this site for more info!

A video for the first single "Don't Blame The Horse" will be released ahead of the album.

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